For the second day running I have been more than usually active doing something that blisters my hands.

Yesterday, the spud-planting left me aching and my hand sore, and my arm covered in scratches and grazes that I can’t remember doing.

Today, I went with friends to a golf driving range near the River Trent to see whether I am as awful at golf as I am at every other sport I have ever tried.  There does seem to me to be some appeal at wandering around a field hitting tiny balls – at least compared to standing around in a room running on the spot.

I got on reasonably well.  I hit most of the couple of hundred balls I hired – some of them got hit reasonably far, others barely made it off the astroturf.  But like all sporting activities I have no idea what I was doing differently.

Not sure at all whether I will have many more goes, let alone invest in the equipment.  But I can keep trying it out for another few weeks.

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