Intrapersonal / musical thinker

You are an Intrapersonal thinker
Intrapersonal thinker Intrapersonal thinkers:

  • Spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to understand themselves
  • Reflect on their thoughts and moods, and work to improve them
  • You understand how your behaviour affects your relationships with others
Like intrapersonal thinkers, Leonardo worked hard to improve all aspects of himself. Other Intrapersonal thinkers include
Sigmund Freud, Gandhi, Grahame GreeneCareers which suit Intrapersonal Thinkers include
Psychologist, Teacher, Pilot, Child care worker, Explorer, Drama therapist
You are a Musical Thinker
Musical thinker Musical thinkers:

  • Tend to think in sounds, and may also think in rhythms and melodies
  • Are sensitive to the sounds and rhythms of words as well as their meanings.
  • Feel a strong connection between music and emotions
Like many musical thinkers, Leonardo loved to sing, and had a fine voice Other Musical Thinkers include
Mozart, John Lennon, Jimi HendrixCareers which suit Musical Thinkers include
Musician, Music teacher, Sound engineer, Recording technician

Well. Mixed bag there. Nothing particularly helpful in the career suggestions.  Take the test yourself.
Anyhoo, this intrapersonal / musical thinker has been stuffing envelopes for the last three hours solid and now has to pop out to the sorting office.

2 comments on “Intrapersonal / musical thinker

  1. manda says:

    I was a naturalist thinker…

    likes animals, trees etc 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    Hi Alex

    I am an interpersonal thinker too…or maybe just a compulsive filler-in of these self-analytical questionnaires!


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