Things I’ve put off until after the election

  • Tidying my house
  • Filing
  • Cooking
  • Eating vegetables
  • Seeing my friends
  • Getting double glazing quotes
  • Booking holidays

I’m sure there’s plenty more.  How about you?

4 comments on “Things I’ve put off until after the election

  1. niles says:

    I forgot
    Starting my allotment

  2. I seem to be in a slightly better position:
    I got my dbl glazing done in March
    House being tidied as I’m now paying a cleaner (fortnightly, next due this Thurs… may suggest changing to Fri)
    Holiday booked for 7 May
    Have persuaded friends to help with count verification

  3. Tabman says:

    Double glazing – no!

    You can get wooden single-glazed windows repaired and made to fit properly for a fraction of the cost of UPVC, and the end result is in keeping with the house and not bog ugly!

    If the windows fit properly heat loss is minmised, and the differential with a double-glazed unit is more than offset by the fact that (i) UPVC consumes oodles of energy in its manufacture and (ii) wooden-framed single-glazing lasts for hundreds of years, whereas UPVC sealed units are blown and need replacing within 20.

  4. niles says:

    I need to massively improve the thermal efficiency of my house, I thought double glazing was the easiest way to do it?

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