Bap bada, bap bada

Well, quite by chance we settled down in front of the end of Make Your Mind Up, the new name for “A Song for Europe”
We called the voting totally wrong, thinking two other bands would make it through, but in the end, the one I voted for made it all the way.

Yay!  This is the sort of camp-as-tits OTT shit that Eurovision needs!

Now a dilemma!  Do we go to big gay camping on Shell Island on the 12th May weekend… or do we stay home and watch Eurovision?

And blimey – the guys out of Scooch have not aged well.  All their publicity photos are about 7 years old.  They’re all about the same age as me, born between 1977 and 1980.


One comment on “Bap bada, bap bada

  1. Leigh says:

    We didn’t think they’d make it through either!

    You can go camping anytime…there’s only one Eurovision night!

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