Just what are my local Tories up to?

My local Tories spent the last Full Council meeting rattling their sabres.  They made it very clear that Labour’s current budget would just be an “interim” budget, because after May, the place would be full of “young, professional Conservative Councillors” with new brooms ready to sweep the place clean.

This is quite a tall order.  I think they have to quadruple their current numbers to take outright control.  They’re currently languishing behind us, and they did much worse than us at the last Council elections.

And there’s no sign they are campaigning for it on the ground.  I live in a Lab/Con marginal ward.  It elected 2 Lab, 1 Con last time, but the Tories (and we!) were hammered into the ground in the by-election caused by the surprised Conservative victor resigning the seat we don’t think she expected to win, a few months into the last Council.

In the last six months, I’ve received a number of Labour leaflets.  Some of them are even quite good, as Labour leaflets go.

Nada from the Tories.

Once, a year ago, there were Tory leafletters in my local high street handing leaflets out – but that’s a slightly scattergun approach to getting your message out.

Similarly, they were spotted with a street stall at a market in the North of the city, so one of our spies helped themselves to a full selection of literature.  Not much evidence of these “young, professionals.”  Lots of evidence of the usual suspects.

The Tory Shadow Minister for Nottingham, Angela Lansbury helpfully told the Nottingham Evening Post recently that there was no way the Conservatives could take the city, a statement that was hastily rebutted by the local lot who retorted in a letter that that was precisely what they were intending to do.

But how?  It seems that they think that because the opinion polls are doing reasonably well for the Tories nationally, they will simply mop up seats in the city without having to do anything like knock on doors or deliver leaflets.

Or maybe they will suddenly come from no-where and have a huge leafletting campaign in April – but that is really leaving things a little late.

If they do manage to win the council on the back of one month’s leafletting, my aching legs and feet will curse them!

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