Another fab song – from Bones

I’m watching tv out of the corner of an eye whilst editing leaflets and generating PDFs, and there was a rather lovely song in an episode of Bones. Guitar-ry, piano, sad, hummable bass line, a little like Dido, although no-one else on the internet seems to be saying that, so maybe that’s the only thing in my frame of reference.

I can’t see the stars any more living here
Let’s go to the hills where the outlines are clear
Bring on the wonder, bring on the song,
I’ve pushed you down deep in my soul for too long

It’s by Susan Enan, who doesn’t yet have an album you can buy, and isn’t on iTunes, but does have two songs up on her Myspace Music site.

You can also sign up to her “coming soon” website, and know when the first album will be ready. Latest news on Myspace is that it was being mixed in January by someone with a serious music CV.
I’ve been watching a lot of Bones lately. It caught my eye because it looked like something I’d really like – forensic procedurals like CSI, and early Patricia Cornwall are firmly in my list of favourites. I read Kathy Reichs avidly too, and this series is stars her character Dr Temperance Brennan. Or at least a version of her. And it also has the guy who played Angel. Who could ask for more?

Well, actually, in the first few episodes it seemed really clunky. Some of the invented technology and the clumsy characterisation really jarred. But as the first series progressed and the second series started, there’s a change in feeling, and it’s deliberately tugging at the heartstrings much better rather than making fun of the geeks. The extensive back story is great.

EDIT:  P’s just come in and said that if I like that Susan Enan stuff I’d like Sarah McLachlin. Then he played some, and unfortunately, and for no reason I can put my finger on, I don’t.  Bah.

5 comments on “Another fab song – from Bones

  1. Robin says:

    Bones is a great show, and if you are still in only the first season, the second is even better. Stick with it and you will find that the characters loosen up a little (but not a whole lot) and that the evolving partnership with Bones and Booth is much smoother than the first season. I just rewatched the first season and find that the second season is much more satisfactory. Stick with it, I promise it only gets better.

  2. Rob F says:

    unfortunately, and for no reason I can put my finger on, I don’t.

    And to think… you spent all that time waiting, for that second chance…. ahem. Never mind. I have a SMcC DVD you can borrow if you’d like to give her a second chance.

  3. Rob F says:

    PS – If you should’ve liked SMcC, you probably actually will like Sandy Denny.

  4. Chris says:

    Listening to Robin Hood on LibriVox right now… great reading voice: keep it up!

  5. Alan says:

    You do know that there is a blogmeet in Nottingham this weekend? I think you should show your face.

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