Pancake day

Another year, another Shrove Tuesday. I have once again forgotten to buy the various things needed that are not in stock until the day. Previous years have seen a desperate attempt to procure last minute maple syrup from various different supermarkets, but this year, Co-Op came up trumps.

This year I will be trying an American pancake recipe I heard on Woman’s Hour this morning. Apparently you need to separate the eggs, and whisk the whites before combining them with the batter. This gives a thicker pancake.

Not sure what, if anything, I will give up for Lent.  Lie-ins?  Late nights?


3 comments on “Pancake day

  1. I did the two recipes off the BBC Food site. Firstly Delia’s classic pancake batter, and then an American pancake batter. I didn’t separate the eggs, but it uses self-raising flour, and more proportionately than the crepe mixture.
    Both absolutely great.
    I couldn’t find maple syrup in my co-op, but Sainsbury’s came up trumps.

  2. niles says:

    I ended up making two recipes, too – the US ones as well as my normal, thin batter (1 egg, half mug flour, whole mug milk) and I’m not convinced the extra faff was worth it, unless you’re a real fan of cakey pancakes.

  3. I’m not convinced you need to separate the eggs.
    Anyway, I need to get in practice for 2 weeks of american breakfasts… So need to lose some weight now.

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