Alan Simpson

Sad to hear that Alan Simpson will be standing down at the end of this parliament, not least because I’m sure I heard that he was intending to challenge Gordon Browm for the premiership post-Blair.

He has frequently been a critic of the Labour party locally and nationally, and I think some of the local Labour councillors see him as a thorn in their side.  Certainly one of them seemed to follow him around at public meetings just so that someone from the audience was “on message” even if the MP wasn’t. We have had some fun in the past using Alan Simpson quotes as the basis of questions at Council just to see the reaction!

At the last general election, our candidate, now councillor for Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey, said often that it was difficult to share a platform with Alan Simpson and find something to disagree with him about.  Both our guy and the Labour MP seemed to share a distaste for much of the Labour government’s actions.

And now in his resignation letter to his local party, he is once more critical of his colleagues.

Mr Simpson, 58 and first elected for Nottingham South in 1992, said there were “not enough” good Labour MPs.

Mr Simpson said in a letter to party members: “There are good people in the Parliamentary Labour Party but not enough of them. At times, I feel that colleagues would vote for the slaughter of the first born if asked to.”

We’ve got to get that on a leaflet!


One comment on “Alan Simpson

  1. Like trying to do a hustings with the saintly Dr Lynne Jones. A good supply of fag papers required to place much difference between positions.

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