Veg Box III

The third veg box arrived today.  The first week, we were good, and ate all the veg that came.  Last week, less good, and there was still courgette, mandarins, pears, potatoes and onions left over.  It’s almost as if we ate nothing last week at all, which isn’t true.

This weeks veg includes some absolutely massive jonagold apples, bigger than a hand, but strangely light, and some fennel, which I am looking foward to.

It’s probably just as well we had fresh food delivered.  Getting out of the house is tricky right now: it’s very hard indeed to walk down the steep hill because the snow is incredibly slippery.  Looks like the Ron, the delivery guy, got here at an opportune point between the melt this morning and the fresh snow fall this evening.

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One comment on “Veg Box III

  1. Grace will send you some courgette recipes – I taste them most days ;-))))

    (She says not eating your courgettes is sacreligious).

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