So, how d’ya get a Wii?

Never having bought a games console before, I don’t know how you go about it when you’re in the period between the initial batch having been sold out and the next batch… arriving when?

None of the online retailers seem to be doing pre-orders at the moment, they’d all rather get you to pay over the odds on eBay or Amazon Shops.

When will the next lot be coming to the UK? How do I find out? Can I put my name down for one anywhere?

Will there be Tombraider Wii?  Will it be possible to use other people’s savegames to get you through the impossible / tedious levels?

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One comment on “So, how d’ya get a Wii?

  1. Leigh says:

    You can pre-order at Either that or go into an actual shop and ask! (although I’d do the first if I were you!)

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