Gun culture

A colleague is having a New Year’s Eve murder party, rather like we will be, and mentioned in passing that she needed a gun.

I have a gun, that’s just gathering dust at home, a toy, prop-gun I bought for a fancy dress party last year, so I promised to bring it in to work today to lend to her.

She’s only part time, and I arrived today after I knew she would have left, so I called by her house to let her have it.

I felt self conscious just crossing the road from the car to the house whilst packing heat and was then caught in a dilemma when no-one answered the door.  Can I post a gun through the letterbox?  Was I even sure I had the right house?  Is knocking on someone’s door, whilst holding a gun, a good idea?  Is it best to hold it openly, or to conceal it in one’s coat?

Much later in the evening, colleague’s husband came to the office to discuss something else so I passed the gun to him to take home.  I had to go back to my car to retrieve it, and by the time I got back, he was sitting in his car.  Which meant I had to walk over with a gun in my hand and tap on the window.  Good job he was expecting me.

Actually carrying a gun is pretty strange to me. I’ve never shot a real one of any sort, and certainly never want to have to fire one in anger.  I think it might be interesting to spend an afternoon in a rifle range somewhere to find out what shooting is like, but I’m pretty unlikely ever to hit a target.

Despite never handling a real one, I know all about guns from US films and TV shows.  I know how handle one, to clean it, never to point it at anyone; how to hold one together with a torch, how to pistol-whip someone.  It’s amazing how a prop gun takes on a life when you pick it up.  It’s fascinating what play-acting occurs to people when you give them a toy gun.

In all the day I’ve had it, I’m really glad I didn’t bump into anyone who thought it was real, or who had to take a split-second decision on whether or not it was real.

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