Telly, telly and more telly

Well, not content with just watching University Challenge whilst we ate, we went on and watched The Choir, a programme about a thin posh bloke trying to get school kids in Northolt to sing. He was reasonably successful, but we sat here criticising his choice of music and his tactics.  Easy enough to do from the comfort of an armchair.

Then on to HIGNIFY with Rob Brydon in the chair, which was greatly amusing. And now on to to Newsnight.  I don’t think I have ever watched Newsnight from start to finish.  In my parents’ house, there’s always a scrabble to turn the programme off before the theme tune starts.  Jeremy Paxman is ever such a strange colour.

I have watched more TV on TV in the last few days than I have for years.  I tend to watch more on DVD on a computer upstairs.  Wireless laptop lets me spod from the sofa. Ideal.

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One comment on “Telly, telly and more telly

  1. Grace says:

    You sound almost as sad as me…… Question is do the cats immediately curl up next to you when you adopt your persistent laptop slouch in the settee yet?

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