Diet books for cats

I asked on Cix if people think I’m overfeeding the cats.  They ask for so much food, sometimes I just give in, and don’t stick to the amount of food on the packet of the dry biscuit.  Is demand feeding bad for cats.

I saw a link for a librarian cartoon strip on UMRA. This edition might just answer my cat question!

Now I’m obsessively going through a couple of years’ worth of comic strips, instead of getting on with my jobs: tidying, clearing and emptying the kitchen, writing up minutes and everything else.

Almost as bad as Saturday night when I got caught up in “Things My Girlfriend and  I Have Argued About.”

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One comment on “Diet books for cats

  1. Rob says:

    Seeing that on the RSS, I thought this was going to be an updating of Alan Coren’s attempt to get a best-seller by combining the three most popular book subjects: “Golfing for Cats”, with a swastika on the cover.

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