Tonight's Torchwood

Well, that was pretty terrible.

Plenty of echoes of the bad Dr Who episode Love and Monsters  – as soon as they started with the radical shift in narrative voice P and I were eyeing each other.  Neither of us liked Elton’s story much.

Torchwood is not shaping up.  It’s pretty consistently dreadful.  But I suspect we’ll still be watching it every week.

Tonight, we actually watched a fair bit of TV.  Making the most of Freeview.  Two episodes of Planet Earth, an old ep of West Wing.

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10 comments on “Tonight's Torchwood

  1. mac jordan says:

    I have seen *so* many people say that Torchwood is crap, but they’re still watching it. Me, it’s crap and I’m _not_ watching it.

    I got caught by an episode of West Wing last night that the Tivo had picked up – “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet”. Pete asked why I was watching it (he’d just left the room to make some tea; “just having a look”, I said. And we sat and watched it through, despite having all 7 series on DVD. It was just fabulous television.

  2. niles says:

    I suppose we’re all fearful of Torchwood suddenly turning a corner and becoming quite good. We can all see the potential, and we don’t want to miss out on “being there” when it started to be OK.

    West Wing does always shine, and it was letting Bartlet be Bartlet that we saw last night. It was brill. But the picture quality seemed really low.

    P has never really followed it, put off the entire programme by the schmaltzy titles, it seems, so there had to be little bits of explanations every so often (“Why is she going on about the computers and the muffins? Is she going to be arrested?” as well as all the usual “Who’s that?” stuff)

    Are you watching Studio 60?

  3. JonXYZ says:

    Ah, Margaret and the raisin muffin incident…she really is delightfully barmy.

    I too am finding Torchwood a pile of crap, but I still keep watching it. There’s an axiom about dogs and vomit that comes to mind. I’ve not seen this weeks (i’ll catch one of the 345 repeats during the week on BBC3 no doubt. The previous weeks (with the undead Suzie) was the first I thought was reasonably ok, it at least didn’t have yet another lurking evil peering from behind a bush with menace, like almost every other bloody week.

    Is Russell T Davies planning a lucrative “spot the plothole” DVD game for Christmas perhaps?

  4. mac jordan says:

    we did the pilot of Studio 60, and weren’t impressed – I suppose we should give it another go, but we have *so* much unwatched stuff; we’re not great television watchers.

  5. Pinksy says:

    Apparently it’s all going to get good starting next week…

  6. Will says:

    I haven’t seen this week’s yet, but I’m not deterred by your comparison with Love & Monsters ‘cos that was great.

  7. niles says:

    Hey Will – nice to see you. Love the new IP address!

    To be honest, much of what I think about Torchwood is true of Dr Who too, but I’ll probably keep watching that too.

  8. Grace says:

    I thought that this week’s torchwood was to put it bluntly, diabolical.

    I have quite enjoyed some of the previous episodes, but I watch as as a sci-fi/fantasy freak with a soft spot for Dr Who, not as a hardcore Whoie which may give me a different perspective to some.

    I don’t think it is fair to write of TW totally, but it certainly could up it’s game a bit.

    What I want to know is if Gwen and Owen are still at it, and also at the end of the episode before this poor, poor effort I got the feeling that Jack and Ianto had a thang goin on….

    …and I still thing it is merely a matter of time before Jack gets it on with something with 3 heads and some tentacles.

  9. Duncan says:

    So “the wife” is obsessed by (other peoples) sex lives, what a surprise.

    Torchwood is odd – like others I an watching it all, and hoping for more. I think the hook is that there are moments of brilliance in the middle of the mundane.

    On the West Wing. My impression is that “the wife” doesn’t really like it – but I will feast one day on the pile of DVDs – and she will truly suffer (or get hooked).

  10. Grace says:

    Hmph – you know the gag about why women are so happy on their wedding day, don’t you?

    The Wife

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