When one door opens…

So it’s the case that when one (washing machine) door opens, another closes.

What was that?

We’ve had the washing machine a day. I’ve done two loads, but P went to the laundrette last week and doesn’t have enough laundry yet. (We have different ideas about colour separation and what constitutes a load, so I’m not allowed to do his washing.)

I need to do a third load, but there’s nowhere left in the house for wet laundry.

In other house news, the kitchen engineer (distinct from the designer) came around today. He left colour printouts of the CADed design. But that wasn’t good enough for me. I insisted he leave JPGs as well!

New kitchen pics

The guy said that the woman he saw yesterday is having her new kitchen put in on the 11 Dec, so maybe the before Christmas claim is credible after all.

There are down sides. We have to do some of the preparation. The kitchen firm won’t do anything like floor coverings, tiling or walls, or put in shelves or additional electric sockets so we’ll probably need lots of extra help once it’s done. And jiminy, they’ll be here so soon! There’s loads we need to do first, including clearing the kitchen, removing things from the walls. And buying appliances in time for them to fit.

And we still won’t get to find out what’s under the plasterboard in the kitchen.

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6 comments on “When one door opens…

  1. Leigh says:

    Is that the wood, surface & handles you’re going for? Looks suspiciously like our kitchen!

    Also where is your fridge going to go?


  2. niles says:

    Fridge is tall cupboard on the stove wall. That’s a representation of our choices of real wood doors, worktop and handles – it does look like yours, I hadn’t realised!

    This is getting scary now. It ain’t half pricey.

  3. dr_nick says:

    why are the door handles on the left-most cupboard at floor level – is that for the cat food? šŸ˜‰

    wouldn’t you be better off with a company who can do everything you need, will surely work out more expensive to keep getting more people in?

    how do you know what size appliances to get? – will they do the gas/electric wiring for cooker, etc?

    if you need help with wiring/plastering/eating christmas dinner/etc i’d be up for that… but not sure when i can come…



  4. niles says:

    Those are wall cupboards fitted on the floor, so probably they will fit the handles in a sensible place.

    Most kitchen places don’t do some of the things.

    Integrated appliances are all standard sizes – 600mm wide. Yes, they’re doing all the wiring and plumbing to fit everything. But they won’t give us extra sockets.

  5. Mother says:

    I do hope you’ve asked whther they can give you details of someone local who;s had their kitchen done so you can talk to them/see the work etc etc ……?????

  6. niles says:

    Actually, no, we haven’t gone round someone else’s kitchen – t’man said most of the kitchens they did were much bigger than ours.

    But we have agreed to let people come around our kitchen, so it’s in their interests to make sure it’s nice.

    We also have to have a display board in our window for 6 weeks. “New kitchen fitted by…”

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