Hole in my thumb


I wrote on LDV two nights ago about some printing I’m doing at the moment: christmas cards, which have to be guillotined in half. Last night I had a salutory reminder that the guillotine is indeed very sharp. Don’t click “more” if you are squeamish!

Incidentally, the main editor of LDV is away for the weekend, and has left me and the rest of the editing team with the keys. I’m very tempted to pop across and fill the site with cat pictures.

Even if I don’t do that, it is fascinating to login into the site and see the hundreds of plugins and customisations that are possible with a serious, experienced web designer at the controls.

Interestingly, I’m the only person on Flickr to use the tag “industrial accident”.

PB261065 PB261068

So, I hacked a lump out of my thumb by clumsily reaching under the blade to free some trapped card. Boy, that blade is REALLY sharp. A casual brush against the blade was enough to effortly slice through my thumbnail into the bed beneath.

Blood everywhere, so I got into first aid mode: elevate, pressure, stop bleeding. Initially with toilet paper, the first thing to hand, and the blood didn’t come through the paper. But I had to continue working, couldn’t hang around with tissue stuck to my thumb, so had to remove it, which started the bleeding again. So the second time, I used a bandage out of the first aid kit. Overkill somewhat, really, but it was to hand, it helped with the pressure, and it kept the thing clean. All the time, I was texting my doctor brother for advice, and got the info that was new to me: if it needs stitching, it’s got to be done within six hours. I was pretty sure stitches weren’t necessary – wound was less than a centimetre, and right through the nail. It was just bleeding lots!


6 comments on “Hole in my thumb

  1. Mother says:

    Who’s a clever boy then? Obviously inheriting my tendencies with sharp objects! And the photo certainly doesn’t make your thumb seem very clean at all!!!

  2. neil h says:

    Eeep! That looks really painful.

  3. dr_nick says:

    is THAT all the fuss was about?!

    interesting place to cut yourself mind!

    could have been much worse, just about anywhere else on the finger…


  4. niles says:

    It hurt! It bled for ages! It still hurts!

    I mean it obviously doesn’t need stitches or 999 calls or the air ambulance but it still hurts! Hopefully the nail will just grow back.

    And just think what the guillotine would have done if my thumbnail wasn’t there.

  5. Tiffy says:

    Isn’t this the reason the French used the guillotine for getting rid of certain “elements”.

    I think the idea in the run up to Christmas is NOT to get rid of bits of your body. Unless you really, really want to of course.


  6. niles says:

    No lipo for Christmas then? šŸ™‚

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