Pirates of the Sodding Carribbean

I was engaged watching some sort of televisual entertainment on the haunted fishtank the other day – something which, to be  honest, I don’t do a lot of. We have a weekly date to watch Torchwood on a Sunday evening, and that’s about it.  But yesterday, I found myself watching a non-BBC channel, ITV2, I think, showing some sort of programme about Britain’s youngest parents.

Some sort of professional nanny was wandering around the house, complaining about people still being in bed at the shock hour of 8am, and making loads of comments out loud about the hygiene, and the tidiness.  I hope she never sees my house.

And then there were advertisements. Every single ad, for no matter what product, seemed to have a gratuitous reference to Pirates of the Caribbean. Why? Five ads in a row for various different shops – Asda, WHSmiths, Woolworths and the like – all went “You can buy Christmas presents – including Pirates of the Carribbean – in our shop!” Can’t people figure this sort of thing out for themselves these days?

Don’t get me started on Christmas.


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