Paul Keetch to retire

Can’t help notice Paul Keetch, the Lib Dem MP for the city where I went to school, is to retire.

Hem, hem, should I get my candidate approval papers in?

Course not. I’ve worked for MPs and why anyone ever wants to be one is totally beyond me. Yeah, you get the deference, the salary and somewhere to hang your swordlight sabre. But you also get the casework, the responsibility, the travelling, having to front a campaign that costs tens of thousands, having to raise tens of thousands, having to think/say something about every issue.

I can’t even really offer much help to any of my party friends thinking of putting themselves forward for Hereford [1] – although I know the city reasonably well, it wasn’t until I left the county that I started getting into politics, so I don’t really know the local party in Hereford, or any of the councillors.

[1] Specially not you, J, you carpet bagger.

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