Top Marks

Top marks to Mr M. Dome, the cuddly elephant from the Isle of Dogs, for his wonderful post bringing together a whole host of daft Government spouting over the last few days, in The Only Opus Dei in the Village.

As always, Millennium has some wonderful turns of phrase

What [Mrs Ruth Kelly] wants is for people to be able to discriminate against gay daddies for no reason other than a four-thousand year old copy of “Rough Guide to the Sinai” says so.


Typically, Mr Balloon is waiting to discover which way the wind is blowing before COURAGEOUSLY leading in whatever direction public opinion is already blowing. This would have been a good time to DEMONSTRATE how he really meant all those things he said about INCLUSIVELY and CHANGE. Oh dear, another opportunity BLOWN.

(Mr Balloon currently leads the Conservatory Party)

And some brilliant comedy allusions

The Catholic Church, which – it says here – regards homosexuality as a SIN, has suggested adoption agencies would close down rather than obey.

If only it was so easy to convince other BIGOTS!

Elephant: dear Ku Klux Klan, you must obey equality legislation about black people;

Grand Wizard: oh, well in that case we’re all just a-hangin’ up our cotton-pickin’ WHITE SHEETS and darn well GOIN’ ON HOME!

Another fantastic point the cuddly elephant makes that had totally passed me by and hasn’t cropped up on anything else I read is there’s a little hypocrisy between one Government minister saying someone’s religion is getting the way of her job (if she wears a veil to work) and another Government minister saying her religion stops her implementing Government policy of greater equality for gay people.

Not everyone gets Millennium Dome, and I have to confess I don’t read every word he or Alex Wilcock writes (there are so darn many of them!) but they’re the sort of Liberal Democrat I wanna be if I grow up.


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