Calendar tip

If you’re laying out calendars as part of your campaign this year, you might find this site useful.  Lib Dems like calendars with candidates name on and the key message because hopefully people will find the calendar useful, stick it on their wall, and then spend the rest of the year looking at the names of your candidates and your key message.
The site lets you define the calendar you want and produces it in plain text, you can more or less copy it into your artwork.  Or ask me for mine in a day or two…

The other interesting thing the site does is works out all sorts of interesting dates and times based on any input you give it.  When will you have your 1,000,000,000 second?

I’ll have both my 15 millionth minute and my 250 thousandth hour sometime on February 9th next year.

One comment on “Calendar tip

  1. Will says:

    I was 10,000 days old this month – and missed it 😦

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