Chris Huhne's biscuits and my poor diet

Oh dear. My diet has been so poor this week. Last Friday, the office sourced some really excellent biscuits and cakes for a Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Some of the cakes and biscuits survived until Chris Huhne’s visit the following Monday. In addition to the tour and the official meetings, and photographs, we invited local party members to come in and speak informally to our environment spokesman, so we put the biscuits and cakes out again.

They didn’t all get eaten then, either, so they sat on the desk in the office for Tuesday. I didn’t eat anything else that day.

Or Wednesday. Lots of cake and biscuits and no vegetables Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday. By then, the cakes and biscuits were a little past their best: the cakes dry and the biscuits soggy. But still, they were there. And they were cheaper than the excellent Italian deli, which is excellently priced, but not free.

So, now it’s Saturday. I just cooked. To my horror, it’s the first time I’ve cooked since before the Brighton conference. That’s weeks and weeks.

My diet when I cook is not too bad. We always have lots of veg, sometimes I cook meat free, it’s not too high fat. Tonight was olives and breadsticks (Crespo green olives stuffed with almonds – I love olives with a crunchy stuffing) roast sausage with baked potatoes and carrots and cumin, plus gravy made with onions and mushrooms. Later, when that goes down, it’ll be fresh pineapple for dessert.

Since we’re both home for the whole weekend (a rare event), I have a lamb joint to roast tomorrow as well, with broccoli, mange touts, and new potatoes. At some point, I have tomatoes, Greek olives and feta for a Greek salad, either for starter for the roast meal, or for lunch.

So, not too unhealthy.

However, Monday is Full Council. There will be a buffet for lunch and a catered tea. With evil pudding. I will stuff up on cake again and pour cream on my pudding, and probably go back for cheese.

I might cook again on Tuesday, but for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I’ll be in the office again. Downstairs from the office is a chippy, where we have lunch, ahem, occasionally, KFC, a Chinese. The Italian deli turns into pizzeria at night, and two doors further up in the other direction is a curry house. And with my strange working hours, it’s so much easier to go for a take-away than it is to drive home then cook.

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3 comments on “Chris Huhne's biscuits and my poor diet

  1. […] Chris Huhnes biscuits and my poor <b>diet</b> […]

  2. […] Chris Huhnes biscuits and my poor <b>diet</b> […]

  3. Nottingham Council’s food sounds decidely more than Birmingham.
    We have bread and soup available before the meeting, and the evening tea is a choice of 2 meat (1 halal) or 1 veg dish with potatoes and salad, with a desert/fruit salad. No cheese! The dishes themselves use v.good quality meat, but the sauces are obviously mass catered, rather than freshly made.

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