I’m on the list

I'm on Iain Dale's ListI’ve been getting a lot of publicity recently, and I’m in two minds about it.

Iain Dale likes my blog. Iain gets a lot of traffic, and Iain has written a pamphlet about blogging in which he ranks various blogs. I made it in at #2 out of the Lib Dem blogs (pipped to the post by upstart LDV) and #8 in his aggregated list of blogs of all persuasions. As a result of that, there have been links to me from the Today programme, amongst many others.

I also feature on slightly more evidence-based list on SpyBlog, which ranks bloggers in order of how many people subscribe to them through bloglines. I come in there at #68, which is probably a more likely place for me to be.

It’s quite an achievement to have been listed at all. I don’t write this for accolades, and I don’t do it for the politics. It’s supposed to be a personal blog, not a political one, but as a person very much involved in several levels of the political process, politics impinges on my personal life from time to time. But I never set out to write a political blog that looked personal.

Some of the unexpected consequences of this are that several people I do’t know very well have come up to me at conference and asked me how my cats are. Which is a little freaky.

I deliberately scaled back cat comments in case I was putting off the non-cat lovers who read this. Maybe the cats should feature more highly!


2 comments on “I’m on the list

  1. Ruth Bennett says:

    I like your cats! From a Councillor (Tory) and Cat owner (Sooty, Ollie and Tabitha.)

    When I get round to setting up my own blog (hopefully I will pick up some tips in Bournemouth from the ubiquitous ID)I shall mention my feline ‘community’from time to time.

    I have been in correspondence with the Conservative Animal Welfare Group re. the AW Bill – have suggested amendements re. higher sanctions/police priority for ‘pet-napping’, which is a problem in my neck of the woods.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Ruth B

    Ruth B

  2. Grace says:

    When I spoke to you at conference I asked for more cat posts.

    My cats like it when I read to the about other panthers and tigers…..


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