St Pancras

St PancrasOriginally uploaded by nilexuk.

21092006(001).jpgDelighted to see, on passing through St Pancras, that so much progress has been made on the channel tunnel rail link project. In 2007, St Pancras will become the Eurostar terminus, which means that there have been works and improvements in the station for years now. Midland Mainline passengers for stations to Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield have in the mean time been moved onto a rather spiffing interim platform 200 yards down (up?) the line.

An outward sign that work is progressing is that a new ticket office has been opened under the banner “Domestic Tickets.”

A further sign is that the canopy over the station is gleaming new.


One comment on “St Pancras

  1. Philip says:

    Through here today: all looks gleaming, but disappointing to see that the domestic services (both midland mainline and south eastern HS) are permanently to be shuffled to the new train shed at the back of the station to make way for all the retail space (evidence here of Mike Luddy’s background in how to make airports more profitable – turn them into shopping centres). Which is fine enough for occassional visitors, but – like the access between platforms 13-15 at London Bridge and the tube station there – the daily 10min trek will get on commuters’ wick. And 10mins is large proportion of a journey which is only supposed to take (for eg) 26mins from Ashford.

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