• Of the more than 1,000 number 1 singles in the UK charts, only 80 have been solo female artists.
  • Madonna had 12 of those.
  • Kylie, Britney and Whitney have had 15 between them
  • Dusty Springfield only had one! (“You don’t have to say you love me”)
  • In Britain, we through away enough waste to fill the Albert Hall every hour, or Lake Windermere every 9 months
    • Therefore one Windermere = 9 * 30.5 * 24 = 6,588 Albert Halls
    • “Mere” means “lake”, so saying Lake Windermere is like saying Lake Winderlake
  • If everyone on the planet consumed as much as we do in the UK, we’d need three planets.
  • Nottingham has the largest district heating system in Europe and is the fourth largest purchaser of green electricity in the EU.
  • I like factoids like these.  My brain stores them up endlessly, then mixes them up with others and then regurgitates them randomly at parties.

    What are your favourite factoids?


    One comment on “Factoids

    1. Leigh says:

      To be fair though it often regurgitates them in such a way as to create outright lies, couched as truth.

      Tensing muscles causing hips to shatter, anyone?

      What about, athletes having heart attackes the moment they give up sports?

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