Blackwoods Gin

As I write this, I’m taste-testing a new bottle of gin. On Friday night, I popped to Sainsbury’s and topped up the drinks cabinet with my recently received pay. A bottle of vodka for steeping blackberries in and a new bottle of gin to replace the exhausted Bombay Sapphire bottle in the freezer.

Whilst my hand was reaching towards the lovely blue bottle in Sainsbury’s, my eye was drawn by a new bottle that I’d not seen before. “Blackwood‘s – the world’s finest vintage gin.” A tall claim. The copy written on the bottle is extravagant:

Blackwood’s Vintage Dry Gin is distinctive and unique. Every summer we hand gather botanicals on the weather-ravished Shetland Islands, far to the north of Scotland, then slowly distil them to make our award winning Blackwood’s Vintage Dry Gin.

A little further digging suggests there are some things amongst the botanicals that are unlikely to grow wild in the weather-ravished Shetland Islands, like orange peel and turmeric. Do juniper berries grow up there? Apparently, they choose to import their berries from Umbria.

The weekend has so far passed without an opportunity for me to get at the gin bottle but this evening, someone on a forum mentioned gin, and I thought, when better to try it?

The bottle has a cork stopper rather than a screw cap, which was a little difficult to remove from a freezer chilled bottle.

Made a quick G’n’T – a lemon wedge, wiped around the rim of the glass and squeezed into the bottom of the glass. Three ice-cubes. Two fingers of gin and a tin of Schweppes Tonic (*) water.

And it’s a good gin. I can’t really tell if it’s nicer than Bombay. Maybe I’ll have to blind test two different types of gin at once.

(*) Contains a source of phenylalanine


6 comments on “Blackwoods Gin

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  2. Aconite says:

    Blackwoods do vodka as well but it’s nothing special.

  3. mac jordan says:

    lemon? In gin?

    oh *dear*.

    lime is what you want in gin, dear boy

  4. niles says:

    Well, yes, obviously prefereably, but not so desperate a preference that I won’t have gin if there are no limes in the house

  5. nick says:

    You should ALWAYS have lime in the house if you have gin!!! Perhaps I’m more of a novice than I thought, but I didnt think gin needed to be kept in the freezer?..

    I’ve tried this gin with lime and the delectable fever tree tonic and I have to say, it’s by far the best gin I’ve ever tasted!

  6. Alex says:

    I’m not suprised you couldn’t tell the difference between blackwoods & bombay, you put it in the freezer!!!! Every one knows freezing things kills the taste, why else would you do it to vodka! But not gin! Next time try Blackwoods 60 with some ice and fresh lime. No freezer (except for ice), then tell me you can’t yell the difference!!

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