Further fantasies

Further fantasies

Originally uploaded by nilexuk.

Every year on this singing tour I evolve a slightly new fantasy along the lines of what I’ll do “When I grow up”. There are, relative to the population as a whole, few people who know how to sing choral evensong. And there are a couple of hundred paid jobs in cathedrals, chapels and choral foundations up and down the land. I could sing for a living. I’d need to do rather a lot of work to get myself up to scratch musically speaking, but the jobs often come with accommodation. In return, you’d need to sing, what, 9 services a week in term time? Maybe I should keep an eye on the ads in the Church Times. Or maybe I could seek work as a verger – keeping clergy organised, and running a cathedral. Tend to be ex-choristers, ex-public schoolboys and ex-servicemen, and I don’t qualify!


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