The KPMG Anthem

Please tell me this isn’t really the KPMG anthem!

We’re strong as be
A dream of power and energy
We go for the goal
Together we hold
To our vision of global strategy

There’s a much worse children’s choir version, too.

EDIT: it does seem to be real, but also old. It made the Observer in 2001.

EDIT2: Don’t miss the Teutonic Master Mix, the Hard Rock Version and the Jungle Mix, all mislinked here.

Must… log… off…

2 comments on “The KPMG Anthem

  1. nick says:

    yes it is.. its DAMN good song its on my iPod, its ‘we go for the gold’ douche. -.-

  2. […] hoping for a Big Band version; meanwhile Alex Foster senses it could be as big as the KPMG anthem) Share this story with your […]

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