Well, I have my car back now.  Apparently “all four” ignition coils needed replacing.  The car is much nippier and smoother now and far less prone to stalling.  Several of the problems I’d put down to teething troubles, getting used to the car, and less than expert driving can actually now be attributed to the nearly-dead ignition coils.  And they fixed everything under the warranty, after I got a little stroppy with them about cars that fell apart barely five weeks after being purchased from a dealer hitherto considered reputable.  I didn’t even have to threaten them with trading standards.  Or stand in the middle of the dealership and say in my best public speaking voice, “Excuse me everyone, I have something important to tell you about the level of post-sales service you can expect.”

Smudge — he hasn’t been back to have his ultrasound yet.  I’m hoping we can get him an appointment in July after I come back off me hol.  He doesn’t seem to distressed, and both cats are increasingly happy at home, even if both of them are very quiet purrers.  Keep an eye on my Flickr tag “cat”  for the latest photos as I don’t want to bore everyone by updating you on the latest cute thing the cats have done, like reading council papers, or queuing up to lick meat juice off my thumb, or peering through windows or pure and simple box-sitting.


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