I’m on two scrutiny committees on the Council this year, Regneration, Infrastructure and Sustainability and Serving the Adult Community.

Anyone who reads B3ta will know that RIS is funny.  It’s b3tan slang for people who just don’t get it. A guy posted a picture of his local Morrisons supermarket which had had a lightbulb failure so that its sign read MOR   ONS. The guy who didn’t get it posted “RIS?”

I’ve a feeling the good people of b3ta would find SAC funny too.

3 comments on “RIS and SAC

  1. cashy says:

    wahey i just googled RIS to see what it actualy meant, and your website won. odd thing is i actualy remember that morrisons post on b3ta and i myself didnt get it at first 🙂 arf

  2. niles says:

    Erm, thanks for that Muppet Pastor.

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