R's party

I didn’t blog last week, so missed mentioning R’s fancy dress party, “heroes and villains.”

Best set of photos is here, including me as CSI Grissom (a hero who doesn’t shave! Yay!) complete with gun and ALS, and P as Austin Powers. But look out for Jason King, two Cruellas de Ville, Classic Movie Villain, Screaming Heroine…  Party included Dr Who.  Of course.

Given R’s penchant for the piquant, I made the crazy vodka-soaked, white-chocolate stuffed, dark chocolate coated chillis.  They were surprisingly edible.  The vodka they were soaked in was poured back into the bottle and had quite a kick given it’d had only had 24 hours in contact with chillis.  Piping the peppered, vodka-laced white chocolate through a baggie with a corner cut off was easier than I expected.  The dark chocolate refused to stick to the outside of the chillis.

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