Muddy pawprints in the bath

Muddy pawprints in the bath

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The cats have been with us for almost two weeks now, punctuated last Tuesday by a return to the Centre for booster jabs.

The second week has gone less well than the first. I think the jabs took a lot out of Fudge and he’s spent a lot of time in hiding. He’s been a far less gregarious cat, not insisting on attention and not really sitting on laps.

Smudge has come out of himself a lot more but it’s become clear that he does have breathing difficulties. He pants after running upstairs (well, join the club!) and also when purring. You can hear the wheeze of him hunting from the next room – so he won’t need a collar to warn the birds. The rasping noise – which doesn’t really seem to be causing any discomfort – has earned him the name Darth Pudkin.

Fudge, it appears, is one of those cats who doesn’t mind getting wet. He’s fascinated by the dripping bathroom tap, trying to catch water drips before the run into the plughole. I thought upping the flow by turning the tap on to full would discourage him but it actually sent him into a chasing frenzy that led to him getting soaked and not minding.

These are the first cats I’ve ever known that will drink water you put down for them. We’re following the lead from the Centre and feeding them dry food, which they don’t seem to mind, but some mornings this week we’ve come down to find they’ve drunk an entire bowlful of tapwater, Fudge with drips in his mane.

Cat-owning has forced our hand on cleaning a bit as scattered litter pellets and vast quantities of shed fur now cloud the carpets within minutes of the last hoovering.

But the biggest mystery is the muddy pawprints in the bath. These cats aren’t allowed out til next week. Where are they getting the mud from?

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3 comments on “Muddy pawprints in the bath

  1. Rob F says:

    Yeah, they can take jabs badly – all of my parents cats did over the years. Sounds like Smudges breathing should be looked at though.

    And for the benefit of the viewing public (me and the girl next to me in the office) Fudge is the black & white one, right?

  2. niles says:

    Nonono! Smudge grey-and-white, Fudge tabby. What colour is real fudge? Not black! or Grey! Admittedly not tabby either…

    Smudge is the one who is safe and home, following today’s experiment with letting them into the garden.

    Fudge, the brave adventurous one, is the one that’s missing. Eep! Eep!

  3. Rob F says:

    I don’t know why it is, but whenever I’m asked a question to which I don’t know the answer, and there’s a 50%/50% chance of getting it right, I *always* get it wrong!

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