Missing Eurovision

We missed last night’s Eurovision for a Lib Dem dinner in Chesterfield, but we left that soon after the speeches to get an early night, P having commitments at 9 this morning, bombed down the M1 and ended up at home as the last voting results were read out, followed by the winners’ second go at their song.

Well, the winner was certainly odd.  Someone’s been spending too much time listening to The Rasmus.

We didn’t turn the TV on for Eurovision, though — we turned it on to watch our Dr Who recording.  The cybermen were disappointing.  The mechanistic marching wasn’t really frightening, and they didn’t quite pull off the contrast between cybermen-as-mindless-robots and cybermen-as-enslaved-humans.  It’s fine for the Doctor to kill off a bunch of robots.  It’s a bit disturbing for him to remind the robots they used to be human before offing them.

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