Missed train

Missed train

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With my car still unreliable, I thought I’d take the train to work. Unlike the last time I tried it, when I sat on a non-moving train for ages before it finally departed, this morning’s left bang on time, leaving me and about four other passengers behind cursing its departing carriages.

I would have caught the wretched thing if it hadn’t been for sodding “revenue protection staff” forming a physical barrier and forcing me to waste a valuable 5 minutes buying my ticket instead of deferring the purchase to ontrain staff if and when they deign to show themselves.

So, I find myself with an hour to kill kicking my heels at Nottingham Midland railway station. I spend most of it half-peoplewatching half-paperback novel reading. While Kinsey flies out to Fort Worth, I’m trying to suppress the psychopathy bubbling over that threatens to send me amok among the passengers.

Braying fools in expensive suits and ostentatious cufflinks. Leisure travellers dawdling at the ticket counter, not knowing what type of ticket they want, and in two minds even about their destination. The pillocks who reserve seats then don’t show up. The wanker who wrote the script for the woman who taped the announcements. The cretin who thought up the pricelist for the refreshment trolley. The drunk (at 10am?!) pillocks singing, for some unfathomable reason, the theme from The Italian Job.

It’s a far cry from my normal 35 minutes up the M1 with John Waite and Winnifred Robinson. Even if they do sometimes bring on the same psychopathic reaction.

2 comments on “Missed train

  1. David says:

    I have read the National Rail Conditions of Carriage on a number of occassions (last time yesterday) and my understanding is that revenue protection staff (or other agents of the TOCs) can only ask to see your ticket when at a station if you are in a ‘Compulsory Ticket Area’ (and such an area must be identified by a notice to that effect). See Appendix A paragraph (c).

    I travel from Kings Cross and use FCC. Yesterday, when I refused to show my ticket I was physically prevented from boarding the train. Eventually, I got the BT Police to accompany me onto the train.

    I am not against RP staff doing their job properly but I do object to them assuming powers they do not have. Ordinarily their checks for valid tickets should be on the trains but I think that must be a realtively expensive venture for them hence they take the easy route of ‘illegally’ stopping all paying customers on the station.

  2. You have to show a ticket to an authorised official whenever we ask. Regardless of where on a station or a train you are.
    Check Bylaw 18 again. I think its byelaw 18-2 if im correct.

    I do hope david that the BTP made you show your ticket and that you were fined for breaking ByeLaw 18. “Failing to show a ticket on demand to an authorised collector”

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