Safely home

Safely home

Originally uploaded by nilexuk.

A great weekend. Weather kind, although beautiful cloudless starry nights were very cold. Our duvet sandwich kept up toasty warm, sending others out to buy more duvets! Relied on friends to drive us everywhere offsite, not quite trusting the car, but when it came to driving home, we did make it all the way back without needing to summon the AA. Days took us to the Sandringham house itself, to Hunstanton and to see Norfolk Lavender. Tea-rooms aplenty. BBQ, booze and chocolate all round.

2 comments on “Safely home

  1. Rob F says:


    You are warping my tiny mind.

  2. niles says:

    Have you never seen a modern tent before?

    What you can see is known as the “inner tent” — the sleeping compartment. It’s a separate compartment from the waterproof “outer tent.” The air in the inner tent warms up faster by dint of having people in it. It’s also bug-proof to a greater degree than the outer tent.

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