Letter to Feedback

Dear Feebdack

I heard with interest your piece on the various different slots available to comedy programmes.

Count Arthur Strong is very welcome in the 6.30 slot, I think he’s a hoot.  Personally, I think the difference is between programmes that raise a wry smile (better suited to 11.30am) and programmes that make you laugh out loud (better suited to the evening.)

So one programme that has no business whatsoever in the evening slot is No Commitments.  It’s well written, well acted, good drama — but it’s never made me laugh. Banish it to the mornings, and leave us with something more entertaining in the evenings.


One comment on “Letter to Feedback

  1. neil h says:

    I can hear the response now …

    You are obviously far too unsophisticated to appreciate the wonderful programmes available to you at 6:30 in the evening. How will you learn to appreciate ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue?’ if you don’t listen to worthy but dull programmes as well? Now shut up and enjoy it, or we’ll double the number of episodes in the next series of ‘Quote Unquote’.

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