Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike

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So, I’m on the train. There is also a bus to Chesterfield but I elected not to take it because the train is quicker.

Ho, ho. (hollow laugh).

The train is quicker if, and only if:

*you catch the 9.42 and don’t narrowly miss it and have to wait til the 10.42 (the interval gave me plenty of time to pop into M&S for smalls and to hand-deliver a letter authorising a conference rep substitution)

* if the 10.42 doesn’t sit at Nottingham station for 15 mins before departing

* if, having sat at the station for 15 mins it doesn’t chug a scant half mile before sitting in sidings under Nottingham castle waiting for the points to take us through the city and on to the north.

*if, then, having run the gauntlets of Langley Mill and Alfreton, the train doesn’t join a multi train queue sitting stationery/ary on the track waiting for a Bridge Inspector to pass a bridge as fit after being struck by a lorry.

While I’m sitting here motionless, there is a team of envelope stuffing volunteers waiting in the office to be tasked.

Somehow, freight and intercity trains are able to zoom past. We can see the crooked spire, we’re stuck behind CineWorld. We could walk to Chesterfield from here, if they’d let us. The train is closer to the office than to the station!

I’m just glad I picked up a Pratchett before setting off. And I hope the Bridge Inspector isn’t travelling by rail.


One comment on “Bridge Strike

  1. […] With my car still unreliable, I thought I’d take the train to work. Unlike the last time I tried it, when I sat on a non-moving train for ages before it finally departed, this morning’s left bang on time, leaving me and about four other passengers behind cursing its departing carriages. […]

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