Reflux redux

Did not sleep well last night, as I had a reflux episode that in the end I could only fix by sitting upright for a few hours before going to lie down again. A few hours were easily spent on trash TV like Desperate Housewives, which I’ve been enjoying a little less in season 2, but still watching avidly. Big fan of Lynette.
I’ve mostly been managing my reflux condition OK in the last month or so, since having my annual medication review, simply because I’ve been a bit more rigourous in being very sure I take my prophylactic Lansoprazole every day. I’ve been more or less symptom free for the all the time I’ve been careful with my drugs. I’m not sure what went wrong last night. I had a pint of beer with the ringers at 7pm, not much to eat that evening, but woke at 3am with that familiar, horrible burning feeling in my throat. Guzzling the gaviscon didn’t help, milk didn’t help, lying back down made me feel I was drowning in my own bile, hence sitting up for a couple of hours before finally going back to bed at 4.30am and dozing lightly.

It’s always when I’m in that sort of situation, dozing rather than sleeping, that I have dreams I can remember. This morning was no exception, and I had very peculiar and very vivid dreams. We had cats. A black-and-white cat and a tortoiseshell. They had names, but I’ve forgotten them by now. Slightly more worrying, I also had three children. Details of the older two have now faded away but the youngest was a preschool girl with an impish grin, and she is really lodged in my mind.

I was talking about cats with a ringer I gave a lift home to, so that explains why I dreamt cats, but why on earth did I dream I had kids? Why was in the back seat of a people carrier with all my children in front of me?

Someone at work a few weeks ago was trying on a sort of jack-the-lad, nudge-nudge-wink-wink act to tell me I could never be certain whether I’d had a slip up I didn’t know about and had sired kids I’d never meet.

I can say with a fair amount of confidence that I’ve never got anyone pregnant!

Still, I couldn’t shake the impression that this morning, I was going to be woken either by kids or by cats bounding into the bedroom and jumping on the bed.

I wasn’t.  I was woken by P (who strangely had also had cat dreams) telling me to get up NOW at 7.20 because I had to move my car.  A big truck was trying to get up our narrow street to deliver large pipes to the guys who are fixing our drains, and it was stuck at my car.

Can’t complain too much because we need the drains fixing. Tomorrow will be our third and hopefully final day without mains drainage after which we can finally shower and flush the loo again.  Thank goodness for showers at work!

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