I woke up this afternoon to find a flyer stuck under the windscreen wiper of my car to tell me that it had been “invold in a colusion” with an ambulance in the early hours of the morning. “Involved” presumably in the sense that it just sat there, parked on the road, and the ambulance ran into it on the way past.

A cursory inspection revealed that the ambulance doesn’t seem to have done it much harm.

It certainly isn’t the first vehicle to run into the long-suffering Skoda. The first day we moved here, a taxi pulled in behind it and knocked off the side parts of my rear lights on one side.

In Bordeaux (already not my favourite place in the world, see here for why), I parked behind a rental van which reversed delicately up to my bumper, paused, then slammed itself into the front of my car as hard and as fast as it possibly could. The driver got out, and I could plainly read two things on his face “OMG, this is going to cost me” and “Aha! A chance to practice my English!” He couldn’t quite phrase “I forgot to change gear before trying to pull out,” but I knew what he meant.

In both cases the car wasn’t seriously damaged, and I let the other guys get on with their journeys.

It’s going to be the same with the ambulance. He’s lightly scratched my front bumper. No big deal.

I hope stopping to write the note didn’t have consequences for whoever was in the ambulance. The flyer was half handwritten note and half photocopied details of insurance company. For them to carry that about presumably means they hit things quite often.

One comment on “Ambulance

  1. Wendy says:

    Just checking with my cousin to see if it was his ambulance that”colused” with your car – will let you know!!

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