The other thing affecting my hits

Of course, the other thing affecting how many hits I’m getting at the moment, is an unfortunate combination of phrases in a certain post below that means you get a listing for me if you’re one of the scores of people Googling “oaten shit.” Despite the fact that I don’t link the two together anywhere here, the Google page reference makes it look like I’m dishing some very specific dirt on Mr Oaten.

There is a general frenzy going on to try and discover the details of Mr Oaten’s liaisons with male prostitutes since the Screws was vague on two salient details:

  1. What exactly was the sex act that the News of the World felt was too disgusting to name?
  2. And much more importantly,

  3. Exactly which football strip did Mark like to dress up in?

RecessMonkey tells us that members’ gossip in the tearoom is largely scatalogical, with the occasional fist and hamster reference thrown in.

But news has yet to reach Recess as to the football strip involved. There’s a ten quid prize in it, he reports in a posting entitled Defacation of character.


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