Should I become a Blogger4Chris?

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I’m very tempted. I’m probably voting Huhne-Campbell-Hughes-Oaten. I came to that order myself, but was then surprised to see that lots of people in the party who I take seriously seem to be jumping the same way.

My views are not set in stone, and there could be much to change my mind. I’ve not seen a single hustings yet, and haven’t spent much time reading material from the candidates.

There are, of course, other people in the party I take very seriously who have taken very different decisions about which way to swing, including, as far as I can see, everyone who has ever employed me!

And I’m also a little concerned about the prospect of my posts ending up being aggregated into a serious website. You, dear reader, will have noticed that my pre-occupations in this arena are seldom political. My wafflings about laundry are not at all suited for sharing with solely political people.

Decided. I shall sign up, but I shall only give them the RSS link for posts categorised as ‘Politics’. And there may well not be any further posts in that category before the close of nominations.

3 comments on “Should I become a Blogger4Chris?

  1. Rob F says:

    This is the reason I never joined “Lib Dem bloggers” – I blog too much wibble. Can you do an RSS feed just for one category, then?

  2. niles says:

    Same reason I never joined Lib Dem Bloggers — but with WordPress and the url munging permalink thing, you can have a feed for every category. Not sure if it works for the php?p=149 style of posting.

    Feed for this category is

    And I haven’t even updated WP yet!

  3. Richard says:

    Bloggers4Chris doesn’t actually use a feed, but is manually constructed, for just this reason. So, nobody feel shy in joining! 😦

    (When the site is back up 😦 !)

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