Congrats to Stephen

Stephen, who readers may know from his appearances on University Challenge, but who I know from umra, appears well on the way to getting his book published.

I mention this because in the comments section on the post, an American reader asks whether us Brits wish each other a Happy Boxing Day.

I quite like the idea, and will be taking it up.

Happy Boxing Day to both my readers!

Meanwhile, the house move continues apace. We’ve been sleeping uneventfully in our new house but approximately 40% of our possessions are still in the old one. The festive season means that our evenings have been as much social whirl as box-hefting. In particular, most of the kitchen is still in the old house. Hell, most of the kitchen isn’t even washed up. So what are we going to do for food tomorrow? We can’t live off nibbles from Lidl, much as I’d like to. I’m certainly not using the new oven for the first time to cook a full turkey dinner!


2 comments on “Congrats to Stephen

  1. Stephen says:

    Let’s not get carried away. I haven’t actually hooked an agent yet, and even once I do, the agent has to persuade a publisher that my book is as good as I think it is.

    On the other hand I plan to relax for the next two weeks and hope to hear good news thereafter. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Food tomorrow is in others’ hands, thank goodness, but I am off to Waitrose to see if they have any bargains for tonight.

  2. neil h. says:

    … and a Happy Boxing Day from me and your other reader as well!

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