New house update III

The electrician has now finished, and phoned to tell us so. This is good, because it means we can get on with carpetting and decorating ready to start actual moving in in the not too distant future.

Electrician reported some of his findings, the most worrying of which is that the house had perhaps the most critical electrical fault possible, that the live and neutral were reversed at the fuse box, meaning the entire house was wired backwards. Now fixed.

Oh, and he said as he was leaving, the house was suddenly much colder. It sounded like the boiler was still working fine, but the radiators just weren’t working at all.

This sounded like bad news to us so we called round late last night, me on the way home from work and P on his way home from a rehearsal, to find the entire place freezing (well, 8 deg).

Flashing lights on the boiler. Eventually track down boiler manual, which is the installation guide, and a little too technical, but the fault is easily identified from the flashing lights.

It’s the sci-fi cop out of all time. Reversed polarity. Easily explained by the fact that the electrician corrected the previous polarity fault.

Must phone leccy back tomorrow. See if he can bring his sonic screwdriver.

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One comment on “New house update III

  1. Alan says:

    I’m mindful of the fact that I’ve still not responded to your environmental meme – will get there, I promise. 🙂

    Talking of electricians, I may need one this weekend as the main radiator is on the blink and I really don’t feel like freezing my gonads off.

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