5 comments on “Pimp or Grandad?

  1. neil h. says:

    Jeremy Clarkson on a bad hair day … 🙂

  2. Rob F says:

    A grandad, yes, but one who can evidently walk on walls – so a pretty cool grandad.

  3. Dave Radcliffe says:

    But there is a quote somewhere about how playing golf allows white men to dress like pimps…

  4. Rob F says:

    See, now you’ve rotated that photo my ‘walking on walls’ comment just seems a bit odd.

  5. niles says:

    Ah, sorry. Inconsistent formatting just one of the cons of moblogging. (he says, writing from a bus stop in the centre of Nottingham)

    I have now been wearing the jumper all day, and much to my surprise, no-one has recoiled in horror.

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