Environmental meme tagging

Although I said recently I didn’t believe in tagging people with memes, I’m taking that back in aid of a good cause. And the chance to start my own meme.

Earlier, I gave a list of things on my desk that are plugged in. And earlier in the week, I was looking at signing up with a green electricity supplier that just happens to have an affinity programme with the Lib Dems.

Good-Energy mention on their website that mobile phone chargers that are left plugged in are using electricity even when you’re not charging your phone. We’ve all known for some time that it’s better to unplug your telly overnight than leave it on stand-by for the same reason: appliances using power they don’t need to. Saving power is saving yourself money in leccy bills and prevents some unneccessary carbon dioxide from being released.

So here’s my meme: what’s plugged in on your desk? What doesn’t need to be on all the time? Blog your answers, and then tell me you’re now switching things off if you weren’t before.

What’s on my desk:

13 things that need plugging in on my desk

  1. PC
  2. Monitor
  3. Old PC which still has some files on it I use occasionally
  4. KVM
  5. Laptop
  6. Modem
  7. Router
  8. Lamp
  9. Speakers
  10. Scanner
  11. Printer
  12. Answerphone
  13. Mobile charger

And splitting that up into what does need to be on all the time:

  1. PC (at least when I’ve left it busy downloading)
  2. Modem
  3. Router (for the other computers in the house and the downloading)
  4. Answerphone

and what can safely be turned off when I’m not actively at my desk:

  1. Monitor — can be off even if PC still on
  2. Old PC — only needs to be on when I’m actually using it
  3. KVM
  4. Laptop — doesn’t need to be permanently on charge
  5. Lamp
  6. Speakers
  7. Scanner
  8. Printer
  9. Mobile charger

I’m going to achieve this by switching the second list appliances to a separate, switchable plug-board. And I’m going to turn that off at night.

So, what are you going to do, Rob, Mike, Leigh & Kathryn (different blogs, same desk, I think), Stephen, Alan, John , Neil, St E, Nomad, Radders, Matt?

Oh, and this is a meme! Make your friends do it too!

6 comments on “Environmental meme tagging

  1. Rob F says:

    What I’m going to do is

    a) Feel slightly miffed that my blog doesn’t appear until the middle of your list, but less miffed than the people who came after me

    b) Google the word “meme” when I get home tonight and find out what in frickin’ nora this is all about :o)


  2. niles says:

    I knew people would be hurt by the order! You’re always at the front of my mind, swdi. But you’re low down in the alphabet… Just grit your teeth and think of all those unfotunate souls I didn’t mention at all!

    Don’t just google meme, google meme tagging.

    Wikipedia: In casual use, the term meme often refers to any piece of information passed from one mind to another.

  3. mike says:

    Hmm. You seriously expect me to trouble my pretty little head with big scary grown-up stuff like electricity? Oh darling, I don’t think so!

    (FWIW: monitor & printer always get switched off, as does phone charger, as does TV set. PC stays on, but that’s the only bit of eco-wastage that I can readily think of. Oh, maybe the SkyPlus box stays on more often than it oughta. Will try harder, promise!)

  4. Alan says:

    I will get round to it soon but don’t expect much from it as there really isn’t much on my desk.

  5. Leigh says:

    Er…not much on the desk to be honest. Sub woofer now unplugged as it won’t stay switched on without sticky tape. Speakers get turned off every day as does monitor and PC. Lamp is plugged in but not on…don’t think it uses electricity in this state.
    Printer is now switched off and unplugged…the only thing left on is the wireless hub jobby…which I can’t get to connect to my laptop anyway at the moment!

    I do all the adding WEP keys and stuff but then it won’t actually allow me to use the connection while every 5 seconds telling me its found an available wireless connection! The manual helpfully suggests that I install using XP service pack 2 but the work laptop is SP1 with no way to upgrade without the full force of BT computer services descending on me like a hellish maelstrom!

    I want to be able to work at home while watching the telly!

  6. Matt says:

    I suppose I could stop using my space-heater to dry my underwear.

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