If your desk isn't cluttered enough already…

(and we all know mine is)

If you like polyhedra, if you like calendars, then here’s the perfect website for you! Print a dodecahedron with a year of your choice and fold it up as needed.

Definitely something to file under ‘look at this when it isn’t 3am’.

What I’m not posting yet: how good Serenity[1] is. And how good the new series of West Wing is.

[1] Google have special movie pages now? Holy crap, that’s brilliant. Google a film title. It organises a whole bunch of reviews on one page. Tell it you live in Nottingham and it instantly gives you all the times you can see it at all the local cinemas. Never again will I google cinema names! Wow, wow.


2 comments on “If your desk isn't cluttered enough already…

  1. jonxyz says:

    OMFG…that google film thing is fantastic…all the local cinema times on one page with no clutter…priceless!

  2. […] We were pleasantly surprised the other week when we found that googling a film title gave you easy to read information on when it was showing nearby. […]

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