Three reminders of my French holiday

You know, I’d almost forgotten that I’d ever been on holiday in France, but this weekend, three things have reminded me.

At Lib Dem Regional Conference, D, who;s doing up a farmhouse I nearly visited in the Champagne region, asked me how it went, and it was so far from my mind that I completely forgot to mention I’d stayed in Eparnay, Reims and Troyes.

When I got home from the conference, I found that my prints had come: whilst I was claiming the Aiguille du Midi, I ran out of space on my digital camera, so bought a disposable one which I’d only a week ago remembered to develop. The photos are back and have gone onto flickr.

And on flickr, a random encounter. Someone was searching for photos of Vauban architecture for a new flickr group and happened across my pictures of Villefrance-sur-conflent in the Pyrenees.

Those six weeks seem so far away now. I should be reminded daily of my trip — I have a photo of it as wallpaper on my computer — and yet somehow it had almost completely slipped my mind.

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