Librivox have a very worthy project of recording copyright free books from Project Gutenberg as MP3s and keeping them ‘somewhere’ on the internet as public domain recordings.

I’ve volunteered to read two chapters of Frankenstein. I really must stop volunteering.

Here’s the first of my chapters, chapter 7. Other people are recording 1-6 etc. It was a bit strange starting in the middle of the story — it’s been years since I read Frankenstein. Not helped by the fact that I half had it in my head that I was actually reading Dracula.

Because it’s in the middle of a story, I’m not going to tag it into my podcast feed. I’ll set up a new feed and list it on the specific Podcasting page (link top right for most people).

Librivox also say that if you want to take on an entire book and read it all, you’re welcome, so I’ll have a think about what I might want to do when I get back from Conference. It has to be a work out of copyrite, and one that’s already in Project Gutenberg.

4 comments on “Audiobooks

  1. Rob Fenwick says:

    OH my God I could make love to your voice.

    Bring back Jackanory!

  2. niles says:

    I don’t know whether to bask or blush!

  3. Erasmus says:

    I’have found my first in a site specialized in audiobooks in italian.

    Cool !!


  4. Icabob says:

    The best audio book reading in the world is The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. I can listen to you read it over and over again. You really capture the highs and lows of the adventure. To top it off it’s free at Librivox. Thanks Alex Foster for donating your time and makeing that recording. I only wish there were more.


    A Fan

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