Recabling house

If the new house does need rewiring, I’m thinking about having an ethernet backbone put in with sockets in every room. This quite elaborate fantasy now extends to having a Media PC connected to the telly and a SAMBA fileserver in the attic, with all my large storage in one place (getting on, now, for over a terabyte spread over 5 different machines, if you also count Paul’s.) Unfortunately, money is going to be quite tight over the first few months of the mortgage, so this is probably pipe-dream.

Latest new hard drive hasn’t been an unmitigated success. After a few days of working fine, suddenly the machine seized up and wouldn’t work properly until I took it back out. Still, at least I’ve moved some of the files around and there’s less pressure on the existing hard drives now. Maybe I should get around to fixing the drives in the machines properly rather than just letting them float around at strange angles.


5 comments on “Recabling house

  1. neil h. says:

    Hi Niles!

    I’ve only just realised you’ve linked to me … doh!

    As for wiring, why not just go for wireless – should be easily enough to stream media over, although I suppose it might be stretching it to the attic unless you have some sort of bridge/router to link upstairs and downstairs. We’ve got a linksys 54WAG which supports 4 pcs and 2 pdas by wifi and has four ethernet ports for the downstairs pc and the xbox.

    neil h.

  2. niles says:

    I’m sure wireless is slower than cabled, particularly when you’re moving large AVI files around? It’s fine for casual browsing, but if you have the chance for cable, it’s no match.


  3. neil h. says:

    Cable is 100Mbs, wireless is 54Mbs so not a huge deal of difference – it’s easily fast enough to stream video over with no noticable lag, even when the connection speed drops at extreme range. You might notice it in raw throughput when copying large amounts of data, but how often do you do that for it to be an issue?

  4. niles says:

    Only every time you transfer a copy of a file from one machine to another… Certainly wouldn’t want to run a P2P program over wireless. Encryption breaking problems come up too.

  5. Jon A says:

    On the topic of consolidating all your storage together have you considered the Linksys NSLU2 storage link.

    Its 50 quid, silent and the size of a paperback book. You plug in a USB/firewire hard drive (or a normal drive in a cheap chassis) or even a memory stick. and hey presto it becomes network attached storage.

    The neat thing is though that the NSLU2 is effectively a solid state linux box, so you can also hack it to run samba/web server/mailserver/itunes server etc…

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