B3ta is down.

How will we cope?


I’ve spent the evening techily occupied finding a new web host that will run WordPress for me. I’ve outgrown blogger. I’ll be moving a spare domain to a new host for experimental purposes and will be migrating in the fullness of time. The ageing content of the site is a little bit embarrassing now.

It’s been a techy few days. I spent Sunday evening upgrading a computer in the office. It now has a network card and an extra ISA parellel port and has been transformed into a print server. It’s been ages since I’ve had to do anything ISA and I’d forgotten what life was like pre-PnP.

This is Libby, our neighbour’s cat who came in through our open back door earlier today. I shot a ‘reel’ of film of her before we escorted her off the premises in accordance with the terms of our lease. She’s looks very much like my parents’ cat Ellie except that where Ellie is grey-only, Libby has warmer colours in her fur.

I’ve just started watching tapes of 24 Season 4, even though we’ve not finished Season 3. Paul has Kiefer Fatigue and has decided three seasons of high tension cliffhangers is quite enough for him. Me, I’m a glutton for punishment. “Looks like someone’s trying to corrupt the internet!” Techy bloggers the world over are up in arms.


One comment on “OMFG!

  1. […] Of course, we’ve been planning this for some time. I bought cat-dishes, a scratching post and a cat-flap when they were sale items at Lidl November last year, before we even moved home!  We bought a litter-tray when we were playing host to Libby, and in the last few weeks, we’ve been buying cat food and cat treats whenever we’re at the supermarket.  P excelled himself and found “Thank you for feeding the cat” fudge when we were in Norfolk last month, and whilst at the laundrette yesterday popped over to Mapperly Pets and bought one of those cat-pyramid things to give Smudge a little privacy and somewhere to hide. […]

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