Busy day

Today in Nottingham, there’s been a

  • peace rally in Market Square
  • Gay Pride festival in the Arboretum
  • and a Mela on the Forest Field

All connected by the tram, so a peacenik gay Asian with a bus pass can hop between all three.

Unfortch, I didn’t go to any of them. We had a delivery day in the diary from months back so I went leafletting with a bunch of Lib Dems.

I’m starting to work on the fantasies about the new house and garden. If we’re moving in at the end of the summer what can we plant? Help is at hand on the HDRA website that gives a month-by-month account of what needs doing in the garden — and what you could be enjoying if you’d followed their instructions earlier in the year. The Organic Catalogue has been constant bathroom reading for the last six months.

Will we keep chickens? There’s plenty of room. But to be honest, we don’t actually eat all that many eggs. I’m sure we can always eat more omelette, cake, quiche, egg sandwiches… We can Go To Work on an Egg, provide Oeufs Durs a la Mayonnaise to every bring’n’share… (Blimey, the Eglu has changed so that now it can hold rabbits. Are the rabbits for food or looking at? I don’t think that we’d need an Eglu when a couple of feet of chicken wire and some wood will do…)

There’s a quite a bit of garden out of sight of the house, so we could have a polytunnel and grow chillis and melons. And have a full sized compost heap instead of a garden compost dalek. But with all that garden, we’ll need a way of disposing of dead leaves and grass cuttings.

Maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself. First we’ll need to rewire, redecorate and furnish the place. That’s assuming we can sort mortgage, surveys and the conveyancing. Dammit! I want to move now!

But of course the main reason for moving? Away from restrictive leases and evil, inspection-mad letting agents? KITTENS!

2 comments on “Busy day

  1. Kathryn says:

    Pleeeese have kittens! Then I can at least enjoy cats vicariously (?right word?)

  2. Niles says:

    Yay for vicarious kittens.Leigh can stay with the Palmers!

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